The wittnauer cine twin combo projector camera

1959 Wittnauer Cine

Venture Partners in Ironically, the Cine-Twin camera failed to serve its primary function of convenience, simply due the fact that it was incredibly inconvenient. The standard lens is a 50mm f2. Science of Cameras Science of Cameras The science behind cameras is very complex for modern cameras, but, if we look at an older camera, we can look at the basics needed to make a camera work.

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Wittnauer's long history with watch manufacturing and case manufacturing expedited their speed and precision with which their compasses were made. But that's not what struck me one night at the end of service. ISBN X softcover.

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The lenses available for the Super Colorette in this mount range from 35 mm to mm lenses by RodenstockSchneider and Steinheil. A copper plate with a layer of silver was made light sensitive and exposed to the light from the camera obscura.

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Wittnauer Company". Recent history[ edit ] In Swatch broke the year collaboration between Longines and Wittnauer and took over the Longines distribution.

By attempting to tap into the market of technological convenience, Wittnauer was attempting to appeal to the taste of the American economic family unit. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. The Wittnauer Cine-Twin Camera comes in two primary pieces. Unfortunately, most people today are far excessively centered So expensive, in fact, that the camera was sold only at Wittnauer stores and displays, behind glass, with their luxury watches and jewelry.

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There is a cold shoe on the top housing, and a PC socket at the bottom of the front panel. The camera has a built-in uncoupled selenium light meter in the top housing, with a slotted cover to give it high and low ranges, with the cover open or closed; the two EV scales are visible in the pictures.

The camera was much heavier than an average 8mm camera due its projector capabilities, it took massive D-cell batteries to run in order to power its projector light, the actual bulb itself was very expensive and delicate, and on top of everything else, the camera was just incredibly expensive.

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Live Streaming Webcast for Your Business Streaming video based content on the web is the latest trend that is winning the most popularity in the web world. How to make a better snapsot Most people own cameras of one sort or another and take pictures from a documentary standpoint, a photographic record of what they, their family, and their friends were doing at a given time.

Cameras have That means you'll spend less to cook on induction. With the help of his younger brother, Albert Wittnauer decided there was a need for a watch designed with all of the durability and function the American public demanded but with local production to help keep costs down. It seems probable that the Chronostar is one of the 50 mm options from this range, rebadged: a Rodenstock Ysarex, Schneider Xenar or Steinheil Cassarit or Culminar.

He began working for his brother-in-law, Eugene Robert. The company sold Swiss made watches to the American market.

In Wittnauer was bought by Bulova. InWittnauer announced a line of 14 cameras with lenses and accessories. These included the CineTiwn, a combination 8mm movie camera and projector, as well as many still cameras with Wittnauer branding.

The Professional is a 35mm coupled rangefinder camera, sold by the New York company Wittnauer, better known for watches, from around Like many of Wittnauer's cameras, it was made by the German Braun company, best known for its Paxette rangefinders: the Professional is a rebadged Super Colorette IIB.

Wittnauer Professional

The standard lens is a 50mm f Wittnauer Chronostar coated lens. Wittnauer Cine-Twin Camera And Its Main Functions The Wittnauer Cine-Twin Combo Projector Camera The Wittnauer Cine-Twin Camera stands at about eight inches tall, with metallic and matt black finishes, two scoping lenses, and an obviousely weighted bottom.

The Coolpix Spj 's built-in projector is an innovative first for digital cameras, but first combo honors go to the Wittnauer Cine-Twin 8mm film camera: special base and reel add-ons let it.

Sep 26,  · So it was one of the first, if not the first, camera /projector unit. Another ideal quality about the Cine-Twin was that it ran on D-cell batteries, which is rare back then.

Unfortunately because the projector was only sold in jewelry stores, Wittnauer only manufactured the projector for a year. May 22,  · How to create a 3D Terrain with Google Maps and height maps in Photoshop - 3D Map Generator Terrain - Duration: Orange Box Ceo 8, views.

The wittnauer cine twin combo projector camera
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